WordPress Maintenance Plans

The Benefits



Keeping your WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins updated means you have the latest security patches in place, helping to protect your site from malicious attacks. Read more about WordPress Security in this post.


Any active site is currently being updated with new images and content. The way that you add those elements have an impact on load time that will often go unnoticed unless you’re regularly checking. With monthly Performance reports, you’ll always know exactly how your site is performing.


With a monthly Website Care report, you can see–at a glance–everything that was done to your site that month, and how it’s doing in major categories such as performance, security, uptime,  and analytics.

Maintenance Plans

WordPress has an active community of developers constantly improving it. Another strength is the number of plugins and themes available. In order to continue to get the most out of your site, and insure that it’s running smoothly it needs to be updated. Indevver can take care of WordPress Maintenance for you. While we’re at it we’ll check for other critical things like page speed and security and reach out if we see any problems.

Here is the breakdown of our WordPress maintenance plans.

A WordPress Maintenance Package

A WordPress maintenance package for your website means you get peace of mind. Your site will always have the most up-to-date WordPress core files, themes, and plugins. This is critical for making sure your site is secure, and allow you to take advantage of all of the features that your WordPress site has to offer.

Can’t I do it on my own?

I used to change my own oil. It doesn’t take an ASE certified mechanic to remove a plug and swap out a filter, but it’s messy, and if your like me, it typically happened a few hundred miles after it should have been done.

WordPress is increasingly becoming a stable and user friendly platform for non-developers to manage. If you have the time and discipline to keep your site up-to-date then 9 times out of 10 you should be fine. With our maintenance packages we make sure that it happens weekly, and that it’s successful 10 time out of 10. We have to tools, expertise and systems to make sure it happens right every time.

A Healthy Site’s Maintenance Schedule


  • Back up the site
  • Monitor Comments (Delete spam comments)


  • Check for WordPress core updates
  • Check for plugin updates
  • Check for theme updates
  • Run a Google Page Speed Insights test


  • Optimize Database
  • Optimize New Content (a healthy site has new content every month)
    • Compress/Resize Images
    • Insure meta tags and keywords are optimized for the content
    • Make sure the article structure is correct (Headings, image alt tags, pull quotes, etc.)
    • Insure Videos are embedded and playing correctly
  • Check for broken links
  • Monitor Crawl Errors, like ‘404 – Page Not Found’
  • Review Plugins and make sure all activated plugins are in use, or disable and remove them.


  • Explore new features or Themes to keep the site fresh for your audience
  • Validate the HTML, CSS on the site


Technical SEO

There are ways to build a site that will set it apart in search. We can work with your search marketing team to implement things like redirects, google tags, schema microformats, and image optimization.

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Hey Folks, Cash Money!

If you refer a someone to one of these plans, you’ll get the first month’s fee for the plan they sign up for. Easy money!

Calling all Agencies!

Let us take the hosting and maintenance headache off your plate. We offer discounted packages to agencies that allow you to resell at a profit of your choice. Reach out and we’ll be in touch with more details.

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