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Pacific Construction & Development

Pacific Construction and Development was repositioning themselves as more than just a residential home builder to a full service construction and development company. The website was central to communicate the rebrand.

Unique Dev Solutions

This project came in with big dreams on a small budget. We ended up using the Divi theme to hit the ground running and give them the flexibility that they needed. Divi is an incredible tool for giving small businesses a way to get great design without all of the custom dev, but they did required a few elements that Divi didn’t have built in.

Custom Staff Popup Module

The designer had a specific approach for the staff page, that we needed to implement in a way that was simple to manage, and easy to integrate with Divi. We accomplished this using some standard WordPress tools (Custom Post Types, Custom Fields & Shortcode) and styled it up to the spec.

Although builder themes like Divi can have some limitations and can start looking the same, with the right approach, it can be extended to have unique elements and a custom look with the right designer/developer team at the wheel.