Farm To Fit

Farm to Fit is a fresh meal delivery service in the greater Portland, Or area. They had needs specific to a delivery service, challenging tax difference because of delivering across state lines, and a lot of menu variation to accommodate the different options available.

Unique Dev Solutions

Custom Mega Menu

Many implementations of mega-menus in WordPress are cumbersome and not intuitive. We made great efforts to make this one as simple and integrated into the native WordPress workflow as possible. You can build this menu without ever leaving the standard WordPress menu screen. The menu itself is pretty common, but we haven’t seen an implementation this clean.

Third-Party Integrations

Because WordPress is so popular, most of the integrations that are needed are already built. In this case, there was not a suitable integration with Pardot so we decided to build one. We used Gravity forms as the form creation tool, and submitted the results to Pardot using a Gravity forms hook transforming the data and posting to a Pardot url. Previous integrations required a unique form for every action the client wanted to track, even though each form had the same fields. We found a way to use the same form to submit to multiple form handlers and allow the client to quickly and easily customize where they wanted their forms to be submitted.

We were able to present a complex tool in a way that was able to be managed by the client, and allow them to do their work without having to stop and wait for custom development.




Indevver is proud to work along side these fine folks




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