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Cascade Fence and Deck

We built this for local fence and deck company here in Vancouver, WA. There were a number of complex design requirements on this project that we overcame to create something really special and unique.

Unique Dev Solutions

2-Stage Slide-out Menu

The two-stage slide-out menu has a number of nuances that are not immediately apparent. The design required different presentations at varying screen widths, and slightly different strategies to meet the same presentational goals in all sizes where possible.

Of course, this all needed to be done in a way that allowed the team to manage this without requiring a developer for every menu change. We carefully utilized every bit of WordPress native menu functionality and supplemented with custom fields where necessary so they could manage their menu themselves.

Products, Types & Styles

Cascade Fence and Deck have a broad number of products that they wanted to display. In addition to fences and decks, they also build arbors and gates. They do so in different materials, and different styles, all of which needed to be represented in a way that was clear, but not overwhelming. While we used a modal window to display the styles on desktop, we knew that this would not be a good solution for small screens so we opted to link through to a page below a certain breakpoint. In order to utilize the same content in both places, we used AJAX to load the content from the page into the modal window.