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As a silicon valley PR company, 10fold really knows the startup scene. We worked closely with their team to create a new site that would help them get their message out, and be a model for their clients that are generally in the tech arena. 

Unique Dev Solutions

Custom Content Blocks

Case Study

The case study block is a great way to show off their successful client campaigns. There’s a custom post type, and custom layout for the individual Case Study’s, but adding them to a custom content block means that can pick a few to show off on a page where those specific case studies are particularly relevant.


There are a number of different ways a company can describe their services. Some services require just a few words and an icon to get the point across, but 10fold works in some complex verticals, so they needed a little more room explain themselves without making the page a mile long.

Custom Events Plugin

There are tons of great events plugins out there, but many of them have calendars, payment integration, and complex logic that aren’t necessary if you just need to display events by date order. In the past, we’ve built the necessary functionality into the custom theme, but because we’ve done a few of these now, we decided to take a little more time and build it into a plugin. One of the major reasons for this is that it will allow them to keep this plugin in place if they want to refresh their theme. WordPress plugins are really helpful when it comes to getting advanced functionality inexpensively (or free). But usually they get you about 80% of what you want, and you have to settle on the last 20%. With a custom plugin we created something that would get the exact functionality required in the spec, keep the code clean, and work even if the client changes themes.



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