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Custom WordPress Themes

We build lean, mean custom WordPress themes

Our Approach

We Build Business Solutions

Building a website is a challenging task and takes a particular set of skills. Creating a business solution is an entirely different set of skills. At Indevver, we think we can accomplish both. In fact, we’re committed to it. You’ll find that we ask questions that many other web development firms may not. Or better yet, based on our experience, you may find that we intuitively solve problems, before they’re even problems. Our custom WordPress themes are purpose-built for what you do. They’re not a bundle of favorite plugins, in fact, if you have a lot of experience with WordPress, you may be surprised at how few plugins we use.

We Use Modern Development Tools and Practices

The online landscape is constantly changing. While there are a core set of skills that will stand the test of time, the pace of change is non-stop, and if you don’t keep up, you’ll miss out. The moment the term modern development tools is defined, is the moment that it’s out-of-date. With that in mind we spend time each day staying up on the latest in technologies that will insure that your site is current and ready for the changes ahead. At least as ready as we can be!

We Build Blazing Fast sites

Getting a WordPress site to perform quickly is both an art and a science. The size and quantity of files that your website requires a user to load will have a huge impact on how it performs. Our themes will make sure your users will get the most out of every byte that they download.

  • Images compressed and resized
  • One Javascript file
  • One CSS file
  • Page caching
  • Browser caching
  • Thoughtful and strategic use of web-safe fonts
  • and we could go on, but you’re already getting bored…

Admins get Custom WordPress Themes, Too

We build beautiful front ends that convert, generate leads, sell products, or teach your users. But a truly custom WordPress theme needs to have a clear and intuitive admin as well. We take the design of the admin side seriously and make sure to lay things out logically. We document things well so you don’t have to remember that image size or maximum word count. It’s right there for you every time! We understand the reality that once we build it, you have to live in it, and we want to make that a great experience for you.