Jeremy has been strategizing and building web solutions for clients since 2010. There’s a lot that goes into the process of building a great website, and the code is just one part of it. If you want to work with a developer that has done every step in the process from discovery to launch, let’s talk.

About Me

Born and raised here in Vancouver, Washington, I was introduced to HTML in 1995 while attending Clark College. I’ve been building websites professionally since 2010 and am a husband and father of 3 amazing kids that are growing up way too fast. I’ve loved coffee and beards since before it was a hipster thing. I’m a musician and singer and love being involved in music at my church. Although life has taken me in many different directions, one thing that continues to drive me is my passion to see people achieve their dreams. Whether it’s a small business, a product launch, a non-profit, or a multimillion dollar company, I love being a part of moving them forward.

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After my 12 year career as a pastor ended, I decided to take a chance and start doing freelance graphic design. Although my main focus was print design at that point, people kept requesting websites, so I decided to dive in and learn WordPress. In that time I focused on mastering

  • The Adobe Creative Suite
  • Learn WordPress
  • Reteach myself HTML
  • WordPress Templating and Theme building
  • Managing Clients
Jeremy Ross Creative joined forces with Elliott Design. My role was account management and Creative Direction for a small firm that needed some additional muscle to keep projects moving forward, and allow the company to grow to the next level.

Skills Developed

  • Account Management
  • Managing an internal team of designers and developers
  • Reviewing resumes & involvement with employee on-boarding and off-boarding
  • Developing Company wide systems to improve quality and efficiency
In 2012 Elliott Design was ready to move into a larger space when we were contacted by a local agency in need of some management and development restructuring. They had recently experienced rapid growth through acquisition of other smaller agencies and Elliott Design had what they needed to get organized and go to the next level.

Skills developed

  • WordPress theme development
  • Custom functionality including Payment Processing integrations
  • Advanced skills in PHP, mySQL, and jQuery
Working at a larger digital agency like Gravitate gave me a broad perspective on a variety of businesses. In 2013 my role changed from Development Manager to Content Strategist to Project Lead. In the role of Project Lead I was tasked with the challenging job of unburying the company from a number of languishing projects that were holding us back from the potential that we all knew we could achieve. With an otherwise inexperienced team of Project Leads, I got to untangle all of the messiest projects.

Skills developed

  • Client Management
  • Internal Team Management
  • Participated on the Executive Team influencing company vision and direction.
Although the digital agency experience was great, I jumped at the chance to experience the client side of things and took a position as the Director of Technology for Key Publishing Group. This role allowed me to settle in and focus on the longer term goals of a company instead of just “getting a website out the door.” I now had the maintain and use the technology that I had been building, and live with the reality of what a digital agency left behind. Experiencing both sides of that coin has made me a much better listener and teacher, and thus a better designer and developer.

Skills developed

  • Managing a small Windows Network (20 stations)
  • Implementing regular backups
  • Installing security appliances
  • Managing a team through significant change in every system that had formerly been in place (replacing 3 websites, 2 major business critical systems)
  • Building a custom WordPress-based solution that integrated a number of broken systems into an integrated process that improved efficiency, reduced potential for errors, and reduced the turn-around time and effort required to complete a task from 4-6 weeks, to inside of a week.
In 2015 I learned the value of strategic partnerships and developing key vendor relationships. We outsourced our IT and the subscriptions management portion of the magazine we published. This was a difficult decision to make, and an even more difficult transition from internal to an external team that didn’t know our customers or our values. In the end, we just needed to get the job done, and this was the right path. It required a lot more effort and required us to pay attention to and document our own process better because we now had to pass this information to someone else in a cohesive way.

Skills developed

  • Building & managing vendor relationships
  • Choosing the right outside partner
  • Communicating expectations
By 2016 I had fixed nearly every systems within the company and was worried that I might be working myself out of a job. I decided to take on a project that I knew would challenge me. I would build a custom membership system in a WordPress theme that would replace 5 separate systems that we were using to complete the same task. The process was to receive an application,  approve or decline it, export to csv for printing letters and ID cards, and importing into another database that was used by other apis for discounts and reporting. Building all of this into one cohesive system was a complicated process, fraught with technical challenges, but the greatest challenge was the lack of understanding within the company of what it takes to pull of a project that large. I tried to do too much myself. What should have had a team of at least 3 people (Project Management, Development, Design) was left to me and I got in over my head.

Skills developed

  • Developing a WordPress Theme
  • Object-Oriented PHP with the help of my mentor Carl Alexander
  • WordPress Plugin Security
If you’ve made it this far down the page, first of all, congratulations and thank you! We’re here right now in 2017 and Indevver is just a sprout. I can’t wait to see where it goes. You can expect expertise from someone who’s seen it all, now available as a partner in your agency, startup, or company.

Skills developed

  • Setting up an S-Corp & other business and tax stuff
  • Defining my ideal client
  • Writing my business plan
  • Managing my time when no one is watching (which is pretty much never)
  • Expanding my wardrobe with a wider variety of pajama pants