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4 Steps Toward WordPress Security

At the point of this writing, WordPress makes up over 29% of the sites on the internet, and it’s growing faster than any other competitor many times over. W3Techs - extensive and reliable web technology surveys. Since we make a living on WordPress themes and Plugins,...

4 ways that we prepare for disaster everyday [ backup ]

Are you Prepared for a Disaster? Unless you’ve experienced a hard drive failure, an office fire, or a crypto virus, you may not be prepared for the inevitable tech disaster. Even if you have, maybe you think, “Lightening never strikes twice in the same place.” There...

Your URL structure and why it matters

The URL structure is the way information is organized on your site. It's critical so people can find your content, and search engines can find and organize it appropriately. Many times the URL structure is completely taken for granted until that moment that you launch...

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